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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 07:39 am
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I wrote The Stars Have Never Fallen, for the movie Agora which has had a small but very appreciative audience, which pleases me a lot.

(It bridges the time between the first half of the movie and the second half, for a prompt of 'how did Hypatia and Orestes get from the first half of the movie to the second half')

I was really hoping to do treats this year, but between the health issues from November, the "Okay, guess I'm moving now", and NaNoWriMo, I did not manage to do that. There's always next year!

(The writing part would have been fine, weirdly, or at least possibly, it was the canon review for the things I was eyeing that was more of a challenge.)
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I got two gifts, both for the Medieval Manuscript Illustrations fandom such as it is (look, Yuletide periodically brings out delightful things.) where the nominated characters involved barnacle geese, battle snails, and penis trees.

rosy as a flushed red apple skin (never been as sweet)
is an article for a class reading of the course The Medieval World. Part of an academic article on why penis trees disappeared from the European landscape, a selection of items from an exhibit catalog, and three stories from the Venerable Bede. (The names of the authors referenced in the work delight me, too.)

The Marvels of Whitby
is a brief correspondence between Brother John of Whitby and Brother Matthew of Abbotsbury, talking about what they have seen. Brother John wants to talk about, as the summary says, “the absolutely true and wonderous things he finds” and Brother Matthew wants to talk about bees. Multiple places in this one made me crack up laughing. Also, bees! Bees are not battle snails, but bees are pretty awesome!

I'll be sharing more recs down the road (I try to do it before authors are revealed), but y'know much reading to do first.

(This is the one day of the year where "Read" goes on my actual todo list as a task.)
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Yay! Hello, dear Yuletide author (and whoever else might be reading this.)

I love Yuletide, it’s one of the highlights of the year for me, seeing all the amazing stories and snippets and scenes and explorations people come up with. I’ve loved all my gifts so far, and I bet I’ll love yours, too.

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 04:57 pm
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I got a really lovely Rivers of London story, The Mock.

I had asked for some Walid and Jennifer Vaughan, and this comes up in spades with bonus seasonal folklore (in a way that worked really well for me), lots of other characters appearing, and some serious magical geekery.

I've seen it on at least one rec list, which delights me.

I am still working my way through reading the collection, but here, have recs for some things so far.

Recs for: Ancient Pompeii Graffiti, Canterbury Tales, The Good Place, Indiana Jones, The Middleman, The Mummy, The Princess Bride, In Other Lands, The Odyssey, and Rivers of London )
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Yay, it’s time for Yuletide again!

I love both the process of writing for Yuletide, and then getting to read all the other creative things people have come up with in so many different fandoms. I’m looking forward to what this year brings too.

This is a bit lengthy, but I hope it's the helpful sort of lengthy, and you can just focus on the bits of particular interest to you. 

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Yuletide reveal

Saturday, December 31st, 2016 08:31 pm
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(I had hoped to get recs up before reveals, and well, that didn't happen. There will be recs coming, though.)

I wrote Rise and Fall of Empires, a prequel to events in Scott Lynch's A Year and A Day in Old Theradane (novella available free online.)

It's probably readable without knowing the canon if you know the characters are a crew of thieves in a fantasy setting that includes at least some machinery and which has some interesting magical capabilities (one of them is an automaton). Also that this is a story about a heist Amarelle (the viewpoint character) mentions in a long list of other (presumably) successful heists. On the other hand, the canon is 20K words, and free online, and great, so you could go read it too.

I'm quite pleased with how it came out. While writing it I kept going "Why the eel?!" but it seems to have worked out all right. I'm particularly delighted with several commenters saying I'd gotten the feel of canon right. It's also the longest assignment I've written for Yuletide, at a bit over 5000 words. (Seven Badgers of Troy was a bit longer, but it was both a treat and the structure made more words fairly easy.)

(My thanks, as always, to Elise, who is an excellent beta, and also to Liza, ditto.)

I was hoping to try my hand at at least two treats this year, and one of them is still kicking around in my head.

Dear Yuletide Author

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 03:05 pm
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In which I discuss my requests and some other notes for the following fandoms: The Young Visiters (a book by Daisy Ashford), The Librarians (TV show), Constellations (Anthropomorfic), and Tower Prep (TV show)

Thank you for writing for me! )

Yuletide recs

Thursday, December 31st, 2015 01:14 pm
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As usual, recs for things I liked in Yuletide, which feel more than usually incomplete this year, so there may be more in the future.

Fandoms: Fanfic Tropes (Anthropomorfic), Ghostbusters, Hamilton, The Highwayman, InCryptid, Insurance Commercials (no, really), Into the Woods, #LetMeLibrarianThatForYou The Librarians, Libraries Anthropomorfic, Lord Peter Wimsey, Matilda, The Mummy Returns, Rivers of London, "There will come soft rains" (Bradbury story), Sesame Street, This American Life, Twelve Dancing Princesses,

Things I particularly liked reading )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! Thank you for writing for me!

Most of my journal is locked, and I know that makes Yuletide a litlte trickier because it's hard to get a sense of me. A good place to start is my Yuletide tag, which has past letters and comments about fic I got, gave, and read. You can generally also assume that things in the past letters still apply to me, but feel free to check via a mod if you've got any questions.

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My Yuletide stories

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 07:29 pm
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First, I would love to point out that the two *amazingly* excellent stories I received this year were both written by Fabrisse who *also* was my assigned author in 2013, and produced the equally amazing Foyle's War story I got then (Vignettes) She has a lot of other excellent and varied stuff, you should go read the parts that appeal to you.

All three have a particularly gorgeous understanding of the relevance of history, while being very much about the people living it rather than the big chewy events. I am by nature very much a social historian (when I'm being a historian with my spare brain), someone who is about how events - living through time - changes people, rather than focused on events or larger movements.

And all three of these stories give that in spades, along with an attention to fascinating and meaty details that I love (the discussion of Sam and food and how you get things done, the paragraph about how things fit together and irregularity is beauty, the look at how two men navigate that particular complexity.)

Right. Onto what I wrote. My actual assignment was Collection Development, a Libraries (Anthropomorfic) fic for a fellow librarian, who is forordwraith on DW (though she's in Canada, more on that in a moment or three.)

The treat I managed is for Betony who was my recipient last year, and whose prompts this year included "The Hogwarts- AU Trojan War fic I half-wish existed (bizarrely, I've always fan sorted the Trojans into Hufflepuff, shielding Helen in the spirit of their house and consequently getting on the wrong side a Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw alliance.)"

Which promptly became the seeds of Seven Badgers of Troy

Wherein I talk more about both and the writing )
Collection Development )
Seven Badgers of Troy )

Yuletide recs

Sunday, December 28th, 2014 05:37 pm
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Recs for:

- Books: Anne of Green Gables, Cadfael Chronicles, Chalet School, Lammas Night, Chalion, The Giver, Lord Peter Wimsey, Malory Towers, The Odyssey, Newsflesh, The Princess Bride, Tam Lin.
- Movies: Addams Family, Agora, Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters.
- Other: Arthurian Mythology, Greek Prose Composition, Lego, Libraries (Anthropomorfic).

I also liked an awful lot of the things in the Chalion, Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery, and Forever fandoms. (And Wimsey and Newsflesh remain reliably solid goodnesses in Yuletide.)

Recs within )
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I got two really really really amazing gifts. Two!

(Dear amazing authors, if you are reading this, I have had a really lousy fall, and this made many things feel like an improvement in complicated ways I do not have words for. So thank you very very much. These are very different stories in some ways, but they're both about what matters and how to keep doing it, even through the hard and complicated things, and I really really needed that.)

The Beauty of Philosophy is about Hypatia of Alexandria (as per the movie Agora and her earlier education, before that movie starts.) It is really really stunningly excellent, and has whole paragraphs where I went "YES THAT THING THERE." and a thorough understanding of the importance of the quadrivium and how they interact with each other, and what it means to live in a complex world.

I really particularly love Hypatia's interactions with her father, and with her teacher here, where they are fond but also expect a great deal. (This one is also entirely readable with a basic "Hypatia was a 4th century philosopher, astronomer, mathematician and a bunch of other things" knowledge.)

The Early Days is a prelude to Katherine Kurtz's Lammas Night and is the story I didn't know I wanted about how Gray and Prince William got to be like they are, got to have the layers and depths of trust they have by the time of the book. (And the author's note points out that the author went there because of some research, which is even better.)

So, those of you who read my letter and went "EEE, Lammas Night", go forth and enjoy!

I am now in the 'waiting to see how people liked the things I wrote' stage, and as usual, I will post writing comments after reveals.
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[Edited for some clarity and further ideas October 25th]

So, apparently, the desires of my heart at the moment involve mentoring relationships or extreme competence. Or both. Right, then.

I am currently having a really hard fall. But one of the things I am thinking about a lot is how the people we learn from, learn how to do things with, change us. We hope, for the better. Sometimes that’s about formal education, but a lot of the time, it’s about something more complicated and faceted - and fascinating.

When I went through the Yuletide tag list for ‘things I want to remember are options this year’, it’s these three that jumped out at me. And one of the things that really strikes me is how they’re all about incredibly competent people sharing what they know in interesting ways. Or making choices based on what they know, are committed to, are passionate about.

So. Yeah. Basically, fic that does something with that is the thing I want. People being awesome at knowing their things, people caring about what they do, trusting other people to do it with them. That. :insert waving hands here:

You can feel free to take a look at my previous Yuletide letters and recs for things I’d like, but actually, while most of the details still apply to me, they don’t really apply to my requests this year.

If you got matched with me on any of these fandoms, I'm pretty sure that what you're inclined to write will be awesome.

But in case you’d like some more details, there's more below. Two of these three canons are quite easy to pick up quickly (one is a movie, one is a single volume book. The other one’s more complicated, alas.) I’ve included some general background for people reading because of one request who might also find the others interesting.

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Yuletide reveal!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 11:41 am
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I wrote Anagnorisis for a wonderful prompt that basically asked for more Penelope and Odysseus.

I've been known to say that I've been an Odysseus fangirl since pretty much I knew there was an Odysseus (which in my case was somewhere before the age of 5), and my parents nearly named me Penelope (until my older siblings pointed out the number of times this would get mispronounced, badly). And I grew up on Greek mythology, including my father retelling Homer through long dogwalks. (Since I just linked this more publically than my usual reading lists, I should note: my father was a specialist in ancient Greek theatre. I come by my geekiness naturally.)

First fandoms, anyway.

So, on the whole, this was fascinating to write, and it was wonderful to do it with a prompt that left me a number of directions I could go. I spent a lot of time chewing on it, wanting to figure out how to get the emotional weight right, and thinking a lot about the question "How *do* you pick up again after a lot of change?" and the question that Alternity [1] always leaves me with, which is "How do decent people deal with horrible circumstances?"

The two combined into a conversation, three months after the reunion, in which Penelope raises certain points to be considered.

I was hoping for a while it was going to grow another half where they went and sorted out some sort of problem together. But the more I poked at it, the more I couldn't get that to gel right, and the more I liked the sparseness and depth and complexity of it just being the conversation. I did a lot of poking at the last couple of paragraphs in particular: the end result is thanks to conversation with the ever-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] elisem, where I went "OH! THAT THING." and came back with the end result.

Thank you, Betony, for an awesome prompt (and also for the recs to other fic: for everyone else who likes the Odyssey, she linked to some other stories she really liked, and I loved reading them.)

[1] See my bio post for a bit more context, or the game website.

Yuletide 2013 recs

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 01:05 pm
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Recs for Foyle's War, The Middleman, American Gods, Seanan McGuire's song "Follow Me Down", the blog post “Ten Stupidest Things I’ve Heard Since Richard III’s Remains Were Identified”, The Addams Family, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes, Anthropomorfic library catalogs, GalaxyQuest (and fannish tendencies in general), Cold Comfort Farm, Little Brother, Tam Lin (the song), Disney Princesses at college, Young Wizards, No Reservations (taking on Narnian food), and the Newsflesh trilogy.

Recs within )
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Yuletide within )

(If you are reading and are not familiar with Yuletide, there is a comment on this post explaining more.)

Yuletide reveal

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 04:05 pm
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So, what I wrote was Sovereign Isle Is She, which is a character study/worldbuilding thing for about the first third of the movie Dangerous Beauty, long one of my favourite movies.

My recipient gets a lot of credit for writing a prompt that was so easy to work with. (lots of history, an appearance by Beatrice, and a focus on Veronica, check. I did not quite get the poetry in like I'd hoped, alas.)

More )

So, thank you [personal profile] cinco for giving me something so fun to play with, and I'm so glad you liked the result!

And for anyone reading this from Yuletide: most of my journal is locked, but I add people more or less for the asking. Most of my creative output right now goes into Alternity, an alternate universe Harry Potter journal based thing currently in its fifth year of seven. There's more info in my intro post on my journal, which also includes links to me history-geeking several other things, if that's your kind of thing.

Alternity's taught me a lot about small things building up into larger ones, the way history does, but where you don't know which things are important until later. I think some of that definitely shows through in this story.
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This is a first pass - I haven’t even looked at the Fairy Tale or Mythology fandom tags, f’ex, because they are both huge. (And besides, one needs to leave some things for later.)

[12th century RPF, 15th century RPF/Hunger Games, Twelve Dancing Princesses, A Knight's Tale, Secret Garden/Little Princess, Chalion, Olympic Opening Ceremonies (AU), Disney Princesses/Hogwarts AU, Ghost Soup Infidel, Master Li and Number Ten Ox, Newsflesh, InCryptid, and Newsflesh/InCryptid crossover, Skullcrusher Mountain (with a side of Derkholm), XKCD, Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones crossover, War for the Oaks (Jazz Age Prequel version), and anthropomorphic Knitting and Solar System entries. And a T-Rex in a Creation Museum.]

Also, since I am making this post public, and my previous one going "EEEEEEE" at my gift fic wasn't, I am going EEEEE. One of my prompts was basically "How did Julian Morrow get to be who he is?" (from Donna Tartt's A Secret History, a book in which I do not actually like any of the characters all that much, but I am fascinated by the ensemble and the situation, and the "Hey, wait, this is *real*" bits.)

Anyway, the gift fic is awesome, and sketches out Julian's life, and has comparisons of the aorist to the imperfect tense, and quotes Euripides, and it gets it all very right. So if you haven't read a mother of beauty yet, I also recommend it.

(also, yay, people liking the fic I wrote, and I think I have to work up the commentary track, because yeah.)

Recs within )

And in a brief comment on my other fannish habit, icon created due to the last several days of Alternity, but also entirely applicable here. Can't sleep, too much awesome. Except, y'know, the part where I have to work tomorrow.
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Dear Yuletide writer -

(note: I may add to this a little further this week)

Hi! You are awesome for wanting to write stuff. Whatever you write will, I am sure, be awesome.

But here are more details )
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