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(Because the previous post has gotten very long.)

(Last update July 31, 2013: unless something major crops up, I am thinking this may be the last update.)

July 11, 2013
* Patrick Nielsen Hayden (@pnh) notes on Twitter that Jim Frenkel is no longer associated with Tor Books and has a series of tweets giving further information re: the business aspect, which I'm reproducing here for easier dissemination. (Individual tweets linked as the number.)

1) James Frenkel is no longer associated with Tor Books. We wish him the best. (1/5)
2) We’ll be contacting the authors and agents Mr. Frenkel worked with to discuss which editor here they’ll be working with going forward. (2/5)
3) This process will take some days or even weeks, so please be patient if you don’t hear from us instantly. (3/5)
4) Finally, if you had something on submission to Tor via Mr. Frenkel, you’ll need to resubmit it via some other Tor editor. (4/5)
5) If you don’t have a particular editor in mind, you can re-submit it via Diana Pho ( who will route it appropriately. (5/5)

More links following as the internet has commentary.

(Same deal as comment with the previous post: comments are currently on, I am not unbiased in this situation, I encourage other people to do link roundups, I am including everything I know about that seems relevant here or I will tell you what I'm not including and why.)
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New links are now going in at a new post, because a) this one is long, and b) there is a natural change of events point.)

(Last edit: July 10, 2013, 7pm ET)

On June 28th, a post written by Elise Matthesen appeared on six blogs. She chose this way to release it both so that other people could help by managing comments, and also to get a wide distribution. (Several of them have multiple cross-posts: I've linked to all in that case so you can see various comments.)

ETA, 7/3/pm: A few notes, since this post has been getting linked around.

1) I am a good friend of Elise's and have been for a decade: I am not unbiased in this situation. (Mostly, be aware of that if you comment here.)

2) That said, with one exception, noted below, I have collected all of the links I can find in this post. Feel free to organise them more usefully, add additional summary information, etc. in your own online spaces. (Or to tell me about any I've missed: I'm running specific searches twice a day right now, but I'm sure there are some I'm missing.)

3) Because many of these posts talk about harassment, sexism, and other related topics, there may be triggering material in them. Due to the number of links, the rapidly increasing number of comments on some of them, and my own health and time limits, I'm not trying to do anything beyond occasional very brief notes when relevant. Read at your own discretion.

(I hope to put together a "If you read 10 posts about this topic, these are my top 10" sort of list sometime this weekend, but we'll see how that goes.)


The six blogs are:
* Jim C. Hines: found at, LiveJournal, and Dreamwidth
* Mary Robinette Kowal: her blog: she also wrote a follow up post on naming, linked below that is of particular interest.
* Seanan McGuire: LiveJournal
* Brandon Sanderson his blog and BlogSpot (no comments at either)
* John Scalzi:his blog
* Chuck Wendig:his blog

At the moment, the most extensive discussion is at Scalzi's blog, but there is ongoing discussion everywhere else except Brandon Sanderson's (where I think commenting may be disabled, but I might be wrong.)
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Friday, June 28th, 2013 10:19 am
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My very dear friend [ profile] elisem had an experience at Wiscon, and she'd like to tell you about it. (It involves sexual harassment by someone with influence in the genre).

Because she's not up for moderating comments on this (for reasons that should quickly be obvious), she asked several friends to host an essay for talking about her experience of reporting it, and about what other people should know about reporting such things.

Please, read at least one of them. Pass it along. Save it somewhere handy, so that if you, or someone you know needs it, you can find it later.

It is posted at the following blogs:
* Jim C. Hines' blog
* Mary Robinette Kowall's blog
* Seanan McGuire's blog
* Brandon Sanderson's blog
* John Scalzi's blog
* Chuck Wendick's blog

I have an updated list of additional posts, etc. over at (please feel free to tell me anything I miss here or over there.)

(I am leaving comments on for the moment, but screening people not on my access list. See the part where Elise is a very dear friend? I am not unbiased in this situation, and I don't pretend to be. Bear that in mind when commenting, please.)

ETA: Elise has asked if I'd collect links for her on this. I have applied my usual librarian foo, but feel free to mention other locations of discussion (either here or in PM or whatever method seems suitable.)

ETA again: I've seen several people worried about someone else naming names. Here's what Elise said is fair game for distribution to anyone who's got concerns: "People have wondered about someone else naming names: Elise supports her naming him, and he made a tactical error picking that person's book release party to do it at."

I'll also add that when you do stuff in public, other people might notice. QED.
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