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(This is the post I've been swearing I'm going to make for about six months. This doesn't have everything, but it's good enough for now. Feel free to add stuff in comments, just be aware that there's places I'm glossing over details of why something does or doesn't work for me in here, for space reasons.)

Hi. If you’ve been reading my journal, you know there’s been Health Foo in my life for several years. Right now, two years and a bit after actually starting treatment for it, I feel mostly recovered. (Which is to say there are still some shaky bits.)

On the other hand, I’m able to work a full day, go home and use my brain for things. I can multitask functionally again. My executive function skills exist, and at almost the pre-Foo level. I can do complicated thinky things most of the time. Keeping on top of household stuff is no longer a huge strain. I can set up for ritual, do ritual, and clean up after all on the same night (this is sort of huge. It was a 4 day process for a long time). I can travel for the weekend without feeling entirely wiped out for a week after. So, on the whole, I call that really good.

[It is not perfect, mind you, and I’ll get to that. Just much improved.]

What I’m interested in talking about is how I got from totally non-functional to here, because the way I did it is a) involves a lot of stuff no medical professional even suggested (though I do also take medication) and b) might be useful for a bunch of people in similar positions. Take what’s useful.

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Two years ago

Friday, January 20th, 2012 10:31 pm
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I saw a nice endocrinologist, and started getting my brain and life back. It seems like it might be time to talk about that. I am now at a point where I want to talk about it in public, where it might be useful to other people, too.

Why I talk about this is that I want to give people who find themselves in the same place things they might consider trying. I don't think what worked for me would work for everyone: this is a "Hey, here's info" not a "Do as I do."

- Today: revisit where I started from.
- Tomorrow: comments on making doctors listen
- Sunday: stuff I did that helped during the process.
- Monday: the actual recovery timeline. (short version: it took a lot longer than anticipated. I can sort of see my previous normal from here reliably now, and that's really recent.)
- Tuesday: what all of that means in practice - what it means in terms of life choice and food choices and all sorts of other things.

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