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So, [community profile] worldbuildingex is a fanfic (and original fic) exchanged focused on worldbuilding - people can make nominations and requests that include characters, but the prompts are generally about the world behind that. (And "Any or no Characters" is a thing, as are things like in-universe meta, etc.)

My past works for this exchange include an email discussion list about the Leverage folks Pseudonyms are Expected, and a collection of notes and documents found behind a desk in the Rivers of London universe, Ephemera, Librarian. (And I've gotten some great gifts and have lots of recs you can find from this tag.)

Someone nominated the concept of "Goose that chases you toward your soulmate" for this year's round, and both I and my recipient apparently saw that in the nominations list and went "Oh, huh, fascinating."

Local Customs is the result. Imogen, hapless geology professor from Great Britain, goes to the Isle of Birds (imagine it roughly near Gotland, a series of linked islands with a lot of birds, a strong Scandinavian influence, and a lot of geese references.) Imogen is on sabbatical, she's busy, and mostly she cares about rocks. Geese are not rocks.

Read on if you're curious about how the story got like it did, and some of my thoughts on worldbuilding details that didn't make it into her POV. (It got several comments with questions and responses to bits of the worldbuilding, so this is also my post for explaining this in hopefully coherent order for the people who like that sort of thing.)

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Hello! I have so much fun with this exchange, both reading and writing, and I hope you do too. Other than my do not wants, I really am very flexible - feel free to go in a direction that amuses you.

If you'd like more ideas of general things I like in worldbuilding, my past letters, recs, and comments on what I wrote are in this tag.

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For those not familiar, it's an exchange focused on worldbuilding (like it says on the tin) and in-universe meta and commentary are welcome formats for many requests. It produced some really cool stuff last year, and again this year! (Some of which I don't have the canon knowledge to fully appreciate.)

Here's the full list of works (author reveals are next Friday), but there's only 71 works, so a very manageable number to browse.

My gift
I got a lovely and charming story, original fic, about a bookstore with a touch of magic. (The books are not magic. The building is not magic. And yet...) I really love all the little details in here - the plays, the cat, the Soviet-era SF....

Blackwood's Books

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Stories are now revealed for the Worldbuilding Exchange 2017, so here is my post talking about what I wrote, a Leverage fic called Pseudonyms Are Expected (You can find my recs over here).

I wanted to make a few more comments about process of writing, so here's that post (which I've also linked to from the comments of the story.)

Should anyone want to write other installments of this list, have fun with it! I did not get to write all the sections I wanted to.

(If there is a background conceit on why these were collected, I think Hardison gave them to Sophie as a present, sometime after the last message.)

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Saturday, April 8th, 2017 12:17 pm
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All the happy! My recip really loves the story I wrote, and has squeed over it mightily.

I really really love my gift, Shelve Under: 18.2 Fiction, Adults’ which is 1927 Rivers of London in the Bodleian of someone cataloging a dead wizard's books, and is there anything more perfect?

I'm quite liking the range of things in the exchange in general - I've got a long list of tabs to work through, but there's only 73 works which is a lot more manageable for reading than Yuletide!

(Should mention: the exchange focuses, unsurprisingly from the title, on worldbuilding: people made requests about different things they'd like. Plot is not actually required: in-world meta was a fine thing, for example.)

And why yes, I have been reading fic since I woke up this morning, why do you ask?

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Dear worldbuilder,

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 05:02 pm
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Hi! I'm so excited for this exchange because worldbuilding is one of my favourite things.

Fandoms: Rivers of London, A Year and A Day in Old Theradane, Leverage, Harry Potter - Wizarding World

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