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Monday, February 27th, 2012 10:30 am
jenett: image of a Georgian-era fireplace, with mosaics of squid and sea life in place, text reads "Squid on the mantelpiece" (squid on the mantelpiece)
So, I really was moved to create a squid on the mantelpiece icon, but of course, at 100x100, you cannot really appreciate the fine details. (and seriously, this did qualify as "totally reasonable work-related task, even if it is not the one that is perhaps most pressing on Monday morning." since part of my job is to get more familiar with various Adobe tools so I can help people with them)

(Also, I'm pretty sure this is one of my only acts of visual transformative work, so, y'know, wanna share.)

This is a public post, so I should explain the inspiration. One of the running lines on the players list for the HP Alternity game is about putting squid on the mantelpiece for future use. (Like Chekhov, but more squiddy.) We try to do a really good job with this, and I keep wanting to talk about bits of it, and that really needs an icon.

But icons of squid on mantelpieces do not exactly grow on trees. Or seaweed. Or whatever my metaphor is here.

For your amusement: images below )
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