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Across my DW circle today, there have been lots of comments about a site - FriendBlab - scraping content and making it available. (However, I haven't seen comment about it on LiveJournal, where the same issues apply, so hi.) It looks like they scraped roughly 6000 journals each from LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and InsaneJournal, along with a bunch of other sites. ([personal profile] elf has stats).

Before we go any further: a) lots of people have made DMCA requests b) the site is currently down (as best one can tell, removed by their hosting service, GoDaddy), and c) aware people are aware.

However, it's brought up a certain range of usual confusions about some topics, so let me put on my "Jenett attempts to explain" hat, and see if I can help. (please see #4, below, for some comment moderation notes)

1) Content scraping, public data being public, and how those two things fit together.

2) DMCA process, how it works, and what that "10 days" you see in the GoDaddy responses means. (Includes "only the copyright holder can file a DMCA takedown notice")

3) What you can expect from sites when you report this kind of thing and other useful stuff to know.

4) My background on some of this stuff, for people who don't know me.

[personal profile] dingsi has a good roundup of relevant links and sample responses.

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