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Sunday, December 28th, 2014 05:37 pm
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Recs for:

- Books: Anne of Green Gables, Cadfael Chronicles, Chalet School, Lammas Night, Chalion, The Giver, Lord Peter Wimsey, Malory Towers, The Odyssey, Newsflesh, The Princess Bride, Tam Lin.
- Movies: Addams Family, Agora, Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters.
- Other: Arthurian Mythology, Greek Prose Composition, Lego, Libraries (Anthropomorfic).

I also liked an awful lot of the things in the Chalion, Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery, and Forever fandoms. (And Wimsey and Newsflesh remain reliably solid goodnesses in Yuletide.)

The fics I got

The Beauty of Philosophy is about Hypatia of Alexandria (as per the movie Agora and her earlier education, before that movie starts.) It is really really stunningly excellent, and has whole paragraphs where I went "YES THAT THING THERE." and a thorough understanding of the importance of the quadrivium and how they interact with each other, and what it means to live in a complex world.

I really particularly love Hypatia's interactions with her father, and with her teacher here, where they are fond but also expect a great deal. (This one is also entirely readable with a basic "Hypatia was a 4th century philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, teacher, and a bunch of other things" knowledge.)

The Early Days is a prelude to Katherine Kurtz's Lammas Night and is the story I didn't know I wanted about how Gray and Prince William got to be like they are, got to have the layers and depths of trust they have by the time of the book. (And the author's note points out that the author went there because of some research, which is even better.)

Other fics I liked

The Addams Family (1991)

Thing: A History
A lovely look at how Thing got to be Thing.

Anne of Green Gables

Moonstone and Muslin
There’s several lovely ones in this fandom this year, but this Anne in Space AU is particularly lovely and has the tone of the original perfectly.

Arthurian Mythology

A drabble about Merlin, Nimue, and a sword.

Cadfael Chronicles

A Flourish of Gold
A lengthy and meaty mystery at the peace negotiations that end the war between Stephen and Maud.

The Chalet School

weather with you
Grizel, after she’s stopped being a music mistress, and the ways that teaching ripples out in ways teachers never expect.


All Disasters Out Of Season
A fusion between Chalion’s religion and Elementary’s characters, and so very glorious.

Communion of Saints
How the saints walk in the world. (My favourite of these is the last chapter, but they’re all lovely.)

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Gals
Post-movie reboot fic about the return of the show, romance on the set, and women as role models.


Janine interviews for the office manager job.

It’s Betty from Apartment 2204
The apartment building has an answering machine for messages. Betty knows how to use it. For all the good it does her.

The Giver

The Nurturer
The events of The Giver (and before that) seen through the eyes of Jonas’ father. A really fascinating read, worth every word (it’s 40K) if you are at all fond of the book.

Greek Prose Composition

Translation Error
If you are, like me, a geek of the first order who appreciates some beautifully done stylistic writing, wrapped up in a science-fiction transposition of classical Greek and Roman figures, you want to read this.


A Comparison of the Composition of Asteroids and Dinosaurs: Towards a Better Understanding of Major Extinction Events
Lego scientists do science. Properly peer-reviewed science.

Libraries (Anthropomorfic)

Books build relationships with each other.

Borg Cube, the Library
When good libraries go bad (and the power of names).

Lord Peter Wimsey

Gentle Antidote
Fusion-fic about the complications of soulmates. The voices are excellent here, and the sense of humour and dialogue, and it’s hard to explain how well it works.

An Afternoon’s Adventure
In which the Dowager Duchess, Miss Marple, and Miss Climpson solve a crime in an afternoon.

(There are, as usual, many other good ones in this fandom.)

Malory Towers

Count As Our Successes
Darrell and Gwendoline Mary run into each other, years later. (Another ‘what education makes us realise’ story.)

The Odyssey

Weft and Warp
A Modern-AU in which Circe and Calypso take on a student in their magic.


Selected Publications of Dr. Shannon L. Abbey
The life of a research scientist in a post-Rising world.

Happily Ever After
In which there is a zombie moose.

The Princess Bride

Unemployed in Greenland
“Are you here to collect the giant?” the mermaid asked. (So says the summary. Or how Inigo and Fezzik met.) I particularly like the way the pacing in this one feels so like the sources.

Tam Lin (Pamela Dean’s version)

The Piper
One of my favourite books, this looks at the question of “Two dearer” in seven years. With poetry and echoes and complications and the same love of language and knowledge I adore in the novel.
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