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Monday, December 31st, 2018 07:57 am
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Time for me to post my recs!

I got two stories, both for the Medieval Manuscript Illustrations fandom such as it is (look, Yuletide periodically brings out delightful things.) where the nominated characters involved barnacle geese, battle snails, and penis trees.

rosy as a flushed red apple skin (never been as sweet)
is an article for a class reading of the course The Medieval World. Part of an academic article on why penis trees disappeared from the European landscape, a selection of items from an exhibit catalog, and three stories from the Venerable Bede. (The names of the authors referenced in the work particularly delight me.)

The Marvels of Whitby
is a brief correspondence between Brother John of Whitby and Brother Matthew of Abbotsbury, alking about what they have seen. Brother John wants to talk about, as the summary says, “the absolutely true and wonderous things he finds” and Brother Matthew wants to talk about bees. Multiple places in this one made me crack up laughing. Also, bees! Bees are not battle snails, but bees are pretty awesome!

And in Yuletide Madness, I got a glorious little sort of Abigail and Lady Ty from Rivers of London, Overrun The Banks. It's short, but oh, there's a lot in there. (No spoilers for Lies Sleeping)

We’ll Burn That Barn When We Come To It
11th century CE RPF

Modern-era crack fic about the Norman Conquest, told via various messaging and blog posts, and absolutely hilarious about some of the interactions. I particularly adore Edie’s interjections.

Lion Rampant, Contourné
The Lion in Winter

For a friend, but I’m the kind of person who opens fic about Richard I and Eleanor of Acquitaine before I notice that. It’s a beautiful fic about Eleanor’s choices in raising her son and would-be-heir.

God Send Me Well To Keep
Tudor Dynasty RPF

This story about Anne of Cleves and her marriage to Henry VIII is so well structured, with Anne’s uncertainties and the things no one has properly explained that she is trying to figure out. (And I’ve always rather liked Anne of Cleves.)

The Applicant

A glorious look at Hello Nurse, from Animaniacs. How did she get that job, anyway?

The Heart That Loveth Me (Every Joyous Word)
Arthurian Legend

Four ways Arthur, Gwenevere, and Lancelot didn’t end in tragedy. On reflection, I think my favourite is the first one, but they all make one think. (And the Potterverse one made me grin.)

The Loathly Lady
Arthurian Legend

I love this look at Lady Ragnelle and Sir Gawain, and how thoughtful it is.

To Be Known
Band Sinister and Society of Gentlemen: K.J. Charles

This is a glorious crossover between the two sets of works, and has delightful bits of so many characters. (Such Richard!) And yet, with an unending kindness that is part of what I love about Charles’ work - people finding better solutions than the easy ones.

Your Ballard
Tam Lin

A lovely modern take on Tam Lin, with an extremely practical Janet.

Good Morning, Ruby Crowns

A fascinating take on Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series, through the eyes of Susan Pevensie and talking about other of those who had come back. (And particularly intriguing in light of McGuire’s song “Wicked Girls”, which is one of my favourites.)

Wanted: Defender of the Earth (Short-Term Substitute)
Sarah Jane Adventures

Even taking a short holiday is complicated for Sarah Jane.

On Wings of Song
Dragonriders of Pern

A rather lovely AU that ends up with Menolly/Mirrim

Interwoven Lives
Emelan - Tamora Pierce

A delicate catalog of Sandry’s lifetime of work.

The friendship is in the shawl
Emelan - Tamora Pierce

A lovely bit of friendship and magic.

Pearl of my Heart
Emelan - Tamora Pierce

I can’t do better than the summary: 5 times Daja's family took the measure of her new love, and 1 time Daja made her own assessment.

Cautionary Tale

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

It’s the last section that makes this retelling for me.

After Hamelin
The Pied Piper of Hamelin

A fascinating look at history, over time.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

A fascinating terrifying modern rat problem.

To Strike a Familiar Chord
Free Bards - Mercedes Lackey

A rather lovely story about music and the power of connection.

Csethiro Ceredin Speaks Her Mind
The Goblin Emperor

I loved this look at events through Csethiro’s eyes.

The Goblin Emperor’s Heir
The Goblin Emperor

All of Maia’s gentleness, and him growing into himself as Emperor.

The Education of a Cavalier
The Goblin Emperor

I love how fiercely Csethiro sets herself to learning here, and to finding the answers she knows are out there. And the ending is lovely and delightful

Operation Lovecraft
Green Man Series- K.J. Charles

This has the awful painful realism that I like so much about Charles and her work, along with the kindness and connection and mutual care.

The Jurassic Park Survivor’s Club
Jurassic Park Original Trilogy

This is a painful and beautiful look at what happens after (and how people do or don’t go forward.)

Offerings from the Oven
Chalion Saga

I’ve said for a while that the Curse of Chalion world is one of the fictional ones closest to my experience of the Gods (just different Gods). Here’s a modern take on making room for the Gods in daily life.

Chalion Saga

Such a lovely look at the early part of Beatriz’s life with Iselle.

Hats Off to the Milliner’s Daughter
Agatha Christie’s Poirot

A charming look at Miss Lemon taking on a case by herself.

A Winter’s Afternoon
Lord Peter Wimsey

A really delightful solstice afternoon after Harriet and Peter are married.

Traces Through Time
Lord Peter Wimsey

This is one of those delightful things that Yuletide sometimes produces - a look at the Wimseys of Bredon, as if they lived in the 1300s, written by a (reasonably) modern historian, one Katherine Climpson. Completely delightful, and nails a bunch of the period writing details.

A Quickstart Guide to Voynich RPG
Voynich Manuscript (Book)

This is absolutely hilarious, and full of sentences that make you stop and do a doubletake in the best possible way. For example: "If you can get to a pond frequented by a local unicorn, that would be ideal, but if not, even a simple anointment with water obtained under the new moon should suffice. Even better would be liquid methane.”
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