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Thursday, December 31st, 2015 01:14 pm
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As usual, recs for things I liked in Yuletide, which feel more than usually incomplete this year, so there may be more in the future.

Fandoms: Fanfic Tropes (Anthropomorfic), Ghostbusters, Hamilton, The Highwayman, InCryptid, Insurance Commercials (no, really), Into the Woods, #LetMeLibrarianThatForYou The Librarians, Libraries Anthropomorfic, Lord Peter Wimsey, Matilda, The Mummy Returns, Rivers of London, "There will come soft rains" (Bradbury story), Sesame Street, This American Life, Twelve Dancing Princesses,

My gift fics

I had a glorious embarassment of awesome this year: my gift and two treats.

Purpose is Library Anthropomorfic about children’s books and libraries, and really gloriously charmng.

Interns is about The Librarians getting interns, and is a glorious bit of banter-filled Librarians + Amy + Lucy, and oh so cheerfully delightful.

At the start of the feast is a small snippet of Morgan, her first time visiting Arthur's court, in the Yuletide Madness collection.

Other Librarian and librarian related fic

An Unexpected Evening is a fic based on #LetMeLibrarianThatForYou on Instagram (sharing photos of reference questions from the past) that is a charming little vignette of why reference is about the people, and why it matters.

There is lots of good Librarians fic, but I rather enjoyed One Impossible Thing Before Breakfast when Eve has an unexpected experience with a gift.

Also, Chessmaster is a lovely look at Jenkins.

The Best Version of Himself (is always the worst) is a thing you likely should not read unless you’ve seen "And the Point of Salvation" from Season 2, but that episode made me really really like Ezekiel for the first time, and this fic helps expand that.

Heroines : A wonderful romp through a range of heroines, courtesty of Matilda. Change the Story is a lovely look at Matilda taking on the exam board.

To Lighten a Heart : The Mummy Returns, Evy experiences the Egyptian Underworld.

Ghostbusters: Relocation and Hush are both different takes on the library ghost’s background. (The first is charming, and the second is delightfully spooky.)

Rivers of London

I finally read all of the novels (um, pretty much while I was in London, likeI sort of expected I would.) which means I have been catching up on a lot of fic that I now get to read all sorts of fascinating fic.

Mind the Gap is a fascinating look at troubles on the Northern Line of the London Underground.

Every word I’m heeding is a lovely bit of Abigail and Molly become friends. For their values of same.

Lady of the Sea in which the Folly investigates men being kidnapped by mermaids.

The nature of stories: fusions, crossovers, and other applications

Fanfic Tropes (Anthropomorphic): Saving Alex and Lee is a rather lovely look at why we need fanfic, and how it happens. With many tropes.

This American Life episode 141: A Whole New World. (Transcript): A TAL episode about second world fantasies: Captain America, the Potterverse, and Narnia. Among its other virtues, it has some really great Hermione lines. Also some great Susan Pevensie.

The Last Dancing Queen of England is a combination of a fairy tale (the 12 Dancing Princesses) and Tudor history.

Accio Insurance: a fun fusion of insurance commercials and the Potterverse.

Felt Lines The Sesame Street muppets talk about their personal experiences on StoryCorps.

Other fandoms

Hail the conflict resolution that occurs in the kitchen! is a lovely InCryptid story of Verity drawing the wrong thing at school.

A Life Made of Moments is a look at the childhood of two of the princes of Into the Woods

Kitty: Backstory for Miss Climpson, of the Lord Peter Wimsey books.

Three Jeweled Branches, and a Golden Cup Too is interactive fiction based on the twelve dancing princesses (lovely, complex, and short enough that playing through multiple times is not tedious.)

That Day and That Hour Knoweth None : A prequel to Ray Bradbury’s "There Will Come Soft Rains"

The Broken Hearts Case is a lovely tightly written Miss Marple casefic.

We all defend the role we play. Hamilton : As the summary says, "au where Hamilton is a ghost and haunts Burr after the duel" (This one is, I think, the only story rated more than T that's in my rec list.

though hell should bar the way: A glorious alternate take on The Highwayman.
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