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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! Thank you for writing for me!

Most of my journal is locked, and I know that makes Yuletide a litlte trickier because it's hard to get a sense of me. A good place to start is my Yuletide tag, which has past letters and comments about fic I got, gave, and read. You can generally also assume that things in the past letters still apply to me, but feel free to check via a mod if you've got any questions.

General notes

Things I like a lot:
- Worldbuilding. Especially worldbuilding that illuminates something in the canon.

- Geekery. About magical theory, about folklore and literature, about cooking, about ... yeah, geekery is good.

- Competent people being really competent.

- People being good to each other. I mean, not all the time, and not everyone in the story, because then you get no plot, but I like stories that are about some of the people looking out for each other, and that helping.

- Complicated choices. It's a complicated world out there, and people make all kinds of choices, and some of them work, and some of them don't, and some of them go unexpected places. If you want to pick a plot trope I will love most, this is probably it.

Things I am not so thrilled about:
- Explicit sex (or kind of sex), graphic violence, language choice, etc. that go beyond where canon goes. (Not really an issue for these canons, but it's nice to be clear.)

- Non-canon relationships, AUs, and crossovers all depend a lot on the set-up for me, and that generally takes more words than is reasonable to expect in a Yuletide story. I have suggested a couple of AUs below, but outside of those, please check through a mod if you have a brilliant plot bunny that won't let you go.

- I have a thing about not liking narratives which rely on teachers or mentors being stupid, entirely inobservant, etc. (Some are, but it's when every teacher in the narrative is that I go grr a lot.)


The Librarians (TV 2014)

Characters: Any

First, because timing is a thing with this one: this is a show I keep up with, and you can assume that I am caught up to anything referenced in canon through the opening of the Yuletide archive. (i.e. all three movies, season one, and however many episodes into season 2 that is.) That said, it is totally fine with me if you aren't, and focus on things only in the first season, or go somewhere totally different.

I requested Any here, because honestly, there are lots of different stories I'd be fascinated by. I am in this fandom for the geekery and the competence and the unconventional applications of knowledge and learning, much more than the shipping (and thus, while I'm happy with stories where romance is happening along with plot, I'd prefer it not be the major or only focus.)

Particularly favourite characters include Cassandra Cillian, Jacob Stone, Jenkins, Morgana le Fay, Amy Meyer, as well as Judson and Charlene. I like all the others perfectly well, though I generally prefer my Ezekial Jones in smaller doses rather than larger.

Things I love about this series The sheer pulpy delight of it. I love how so many of the things they reference are real (except when they're not), and how complex the world is. The meeting of various powers in season one's "And the Apple of Discord". The implications of Morgana. The look on *everyone's* face when they first see the library. The way minor bits of random knowledge add up and matter. The sheer joy of knowledge you see, the way that's treated, where it's "Hey, I get to share this Cool Thing" rather than putting people down for not knowing it. (I particularly love Stone for this.) The way they take stories and twist them, slightly, and you end up going down paths you didn't expect.

My favourite episode is a tie between "And the Horns of a Dilemma" because Minoan Crete, how is that not awesome, and "And the Rule of Three" for the way that episode looks at attitudes and roles and masks, and the way intelligent people deal with being intelligent, but really, there are things I like in all of them.

One of the things I love is how reliably good this show is with stuff they reference, and that kind of attention to detail really makes it work even better for me. (And you may, in general, find that a useful reference in places.)

Story seeds that fascinate me in this world: What Amy Meyer does after the science fair. Backstory of Jenkins and Morgana, at some time between now and back then. We've seen stories set in libraries, or where libraries matter a couple of times: I'd love one of those. Eve's transition from working with a team of other people who are competent the ways she's competent to working with people who are competent in other ways (but often very incompetent in her realm). Stone's background and him developing his academic reputation while being outside academia. (I suspect we're going to see more of this in season 2, though.) The Librarians hitting a problem where research and knowledge in books doesn't actually help.

Also, worldbuilding in general from other points in the Library's history. Judson and Charlene, talking about candidates for the library (at any point in their past history). Social media posts from the candidates when Flynn applied, who didn't get hired, and what they did later. The story of a former librarian collecting an item we see in the library but which has not (yet, anyway) been explained. What (another!, or one of the ones we see glimpses of) alternate universe would look like if Dulaque and Lamia had won in the first episode or two. I found "And the Heart of Darkness" very hard to watch because horror is so not my genre in moving media, but I am fascinated by the houses mentioned in that episode.

Arthurian Mythology

Characters: Morgan le Fay (others welcome as well)

Stuff I love here: She's such a weirdly nuanced figure in the stories. Sometimes she's seen as good, sometimes not, sometimes working for a greater goal, sometimes selfish. She's often appearing in contradictory or unexplained ways, or doing things where her motivations are not at all clear.

I'm mostly interested in the things pre-Morte d'Arthur here, but that still gives you cheerfully a lot to choose from, or different places to go. I am also just fine with whatever other relevant characters from Arthurian myth also show up (though I'd find Igraine, Merlin, or Viviane particularly intriguing.)

Story seeds: Morgan and some number of sisters, with different roles, and different skills, taking on a challenge (before Arthur? After Arthur? During Arthur?) Morgan and an unexpected solution, where she does something that turns the problem she's dealing with on its head. Morgan learning her magic, or the first time she really does something major, and how that turns out. I'm also very interested in a story that looks at different approaches to magic: that contrasts Morgan's style to Merlin's or Viviane's or someone else's.

Alternately, I am totally up for AU type stuff here, if you find that interesting: a modern take on Morgan, or even a future one, or an alternate world where Arthur made different choices.

Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

Beatrice and Hero

Stuff I love: There's something very domestic about this movie, the way a number of the scenes take place in the kitchen, with various characters cooking or pouring drinks, or hanging out and chatting while other people do that. I also love the sense of depth you get. (Beatrice and Benedick meeting earlier, some of the implications of where they've been fighting, and so on.) And I love how Beatrice and Hero have each other's well-being so firmly in mind.

But basically, I love this play, I love the witty, I love the competent people being competent and solving problems.

Story seeds: Beatrice and Benedick before the movie: how did they meet, how did they end up in bed together. What (if anything) did Beatrice tell anyone after? Alternately, what happens after the movie ends: obviously, we have a happy ending, but that's a lot of rapid romance in a short span of time, and that means learning about new spouses in big ways and small ways, and those kinds of stories intrigue me. Alternately, a scene we don't see in the movie (or play) but that clearly happens, or as seen by a character whose viewpoint we don't hear about.

Libraries (Anthropomorfic)

Characters: Book cart (Anthropomorfic) Library (Anthropomorfic) Book (Anthropomorfic) Catalogue (Anthropomorfic)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Libraries! Books! Catalogues! All good.

Story seeds: Conversation between different books on the book cart. The idea of libraries as collections, independent of each other. (I wrote a story for this fandom last year that expands on this, if you want ideas). Their different views of what they do and how they're important to the library.

Notes: I am a librarian who's worked in a high school library, a university library, and now in a rather unique special colllection library, and, well, I use my public library cheerfully, so any kind of library is going to make me happy, really.
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