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I got two gifts, both for the Medieval Manuscript Illustrations fandom such as it is (look, Yuletide periodically brings out delightful things.) where the nominated characters involved barnacle geese, battle snails, and penis trees.

rosy as a flushed red apple skin (never been as sweet)
is an article for a class reading of the course The Medieval World. Part of an academic article on why penis trees disappeared from the European landscape, a selection of items from an exhibit catalog, and three stories from the Venerable Bede. (The names of the authors referenced in the work delight me, too.)

The Marvels of Whitby
is a brief correspondence between Brother John of Whitby and Brother Matthew of Abbotsbury, talking about what they have seen. Brother John wants to talk about, as the summary says, “the absolutely true and wonderous things he finds” and Brother Matthew wants to talk about bees. Multiple places in this one made me crack up laughing. Also, bees! Bees are not battle snails, but bees are pretty awesome!

I'll be sharing more recs down the road (I try to do it before authors are revealed), but y'know much reading to do first.

(This is the one day of the year where "Read" goes on my actual todo list as a task.)

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Date: Wednesday, December 26th, 2018 04:33 pm (UTC)
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Medieval Manuscript Illustrations fandom? You have just opened my eyes to a wonderful new world! Thank you.
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