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Comments on this post are screened so you can ask me questions if needed.

Access to my journal
Most of my posts are access-locked, but I am generally glad to add anyone who subscribes to me. If I missed you somehow, let me know.

There's another post stuck to the top of my journal with a lot more background, once you have access.

Linking to public posts
You are welcome to link to any public post I've made (including the salon posts, where the more the merrier, please do share!) I consider that part of the function of the public internet.

If you're going to link something somewhere that might produce significantly more traffic, I'd appreciate a head's up, but it's not required.

Links of interest
I do an email newsletter every fortnight that has links to stuff I've written elsewhere (blog posts, mostly) and a round up of links I found interesting on varied topics (there's usually some library stuff, some Pagan stuff, and I put in or link to something I found beautiful - images, videos, music.

More info and a link to the archive here.
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