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Dear Yuletide writer -

(note: I may add to this a little further this week)

Hi! You are awesome for wanting to write stuff. Whatever you write will, I am sure, be awesome.

You can see my wordy commentary on last year over at - having said it once, the general bits still apply, and the example bits give you some ideas, and I’m not going to repeat most of the general stuff here.

But since there are largely new fandoms this year, new stuff!

As always, optional details are optional, and please read the “Fic that would make me especially happy” as “Here are some plot bunnies, use whichever amuse you”. (That being how I intend them)

Folk of the Air Peter S. Beagle
Stuff I love in canon: This is a book I keep coming back to and back to - the details of the music, and getting lost in the music, and the tempations of other times, and how people are incredibly complicated. But also how communities build up some completely broken systems that made sense at the time, and it takes something (major) to shake that loose.

Fic that would make me especially happy Joe, a year or two after the events of the book. Various minor characters picking up the community connections a couple of years later. Sia in an earlier age. Pretty much anything that highlights music.

A Secret History by Donna Tartt
Stuff I love in canon: The academic world turned sideways into reality: it’s really very much a Euripides play transposed into the modern world, in oh so many ways.

Fics I’d love: Ok. What I really really want is Julian backstory. The book hints at so much stuff. I’d love to see something from earlier in his career. Barring that, I’d love a slice of, oh, college reunion (or people talking about colleges) that includes Richard, years later. Or, y’know, anything you want.

Dangerous Beauty: this is a gorgeous, lush, and very pragmatic movie about Veronica Franco, a poet and courtesan in 1500s Venice. (She was a real person, the movie takes liberties, the way movies do.)

Stuff I love in canon: the lushness of the clothing and luxury, juxtaposed against the realities of plague and war and loss. The way education is used as tool and coin. The combination of dignity and grace, and wanting to be treated with same (Veronica’s interactions with Maffio and Domenico, in particular, compare and contrast.)

Things that would make me happy (any or all): Veronica and Beatrice, talking after Veronica’s trial. Veronica, a year or two later. or looking back at the end of her life. (Historically, she lost almost all her money, and died in poverty. Feel free to write a happier AU ending.) Veronica talking to a daughter or a niece or some younger generation female friend about the realities of the world.
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