Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

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A post via Lifehacker reminded me I've been meaning to write this up for a bit.

My body does not do thermoregulation well - specifically I tend to overheat easily, with occasional periods of "Why am I shivering?" And I am a person who expects this may get more so in the next few years, because menopause is on the horizon.

Last summer, I found a really good sale on something I'd been eyeing for a while (they run 20-25% sales fairly regularly if you sign up for their list, and you can sometimes get 30%), namely a Chilipad.

There are lots of things out there you can use if you want to make your bed warmer. (More blankets. Different blankets. Electric blankets and heating pads...) There are not so many you can use to make it cooler - basically, make the room cooler (windows, AC), there's a fan that blows air under the blankets (I tuck my feet into a fold of the blankets at the end, so that doesn't work), and... well, the Chilipad.

Which will cool down to about 55F and heat up to about 110F. I am very glad I have mine, and figure some of you might also be interested, so...

(Note: This is a public post, so people can share it, since there's a number of video reviews up, but not a lot of text-from-individuals. That said, my medical stuff is complicated, and unless you know me and my stuff pretty well, I'm not interested in advice/suggestions (and even if you do know me well, not on this post, please.)

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