Friday, November 11th, 2016

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The other thing people knew is that she made brownies, known as the Brownies of Doom or the Om Nom Nom brownies. If you knew her, and you were having a bad time, sometimes she'd make batches and send them out. She'd contribute them to fundraisers, where they'd go for $40+ for a small batch. They are decadent and glorious, and even I, chocolate lover that I am, can only eat a tiny piece at one time. (They also store well.)

She's had the recipe she used posted online for ages, but it relies on photographs that no longer show up. I've made them several times starting just after she posted the original recipe, and while I don't usually do things exactly how she refined the recipe, the variations are also tasty.

But what I can do is pull the recipe together enough that her brownies, in a sufficiently recognisable form, can continue to exist in the world.

I'm going to write this up with the original steps, quote her comments from the revision, and then add my notes. If you have additional notes that help, please leave them in comments. (I haven't edited her comments, but did have to redo formatting.)

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