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Welcome to a new calendar year!

I know I said I wasn't likely to manage a salon post today, because moving apartments, but then I woke up extra early, so here! Have a post. I'll be packing up my computer mid-morning, and then, y'know, busily pointing movers in the right directions. So I won't be around much today, but I'm sure we can all manage.

Topic of the week
Do you have traditions or superstitions about moving into a new place, or starting a new project, or basically anything new that happens sometimes?

(As always, whatever other topics people want to talk about very welcome. Start a thread, see who joins in.)

What I've been up to
Packing things. Also moving things and cleaning things. And training a new assistant at work. I am very much looking forward to being in my new place, as unpacking is much more satisfying for me.

Useful notes
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House rules:
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