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This was my first year doing GYWO, and it's been a huge help to me. I committed to the 240 habit pledge, and found myself writing every day except the day I was too sick to sit up for more than 10 minutes.

For 2019, I'm pledging wordcount (350K which is less than I've done this year, but where I want my baseline average to be for words.)

The GYWO community (locked posts) are active, there's a variety of different things posted, and they do a great mix of information, resources, roundups of posts other places, and more. If you're looking to spend some time focusing on writing (and many kinds of writing count), I recommend it!

[img: notebook and pen on wooden desktop with "GYWO 2019"
printed in large white letters with a black shadow. under that,
"writing decathlon" in handwritten white letters with a black shadow.]
GetYourWordsOut: Year Eleven!
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