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Sunday, December 25th, 2011 10:46 pm
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There may be more later, but this is a pretty decent first round.

(If you are, for some reason, going “Yuletide?”, it is an annual exchange of fiction in small fandoms. The stories are released on December 25th, and the authors are not revealed until January 1st, which gives you plenty of time to read and comment and so on without getting caught up in who wrote what. This year, there’s something like 2500 stories, of all sorts of kinds.)

What I wrote:
Not only did my recipient love it, but her favorite paragraph was the one that has my favorite sentence in it. I am so smug! (Much thanks to the friends who gave me advice, which I’ll talk about more when we get to reveals, because it’s the first fic writing I’ve shared with anyone else in more than a decade. Ritual writing, yes. Non-fiction, yes. All sorts of other commentary, yes. Fiction, no.)

My gift:
I got Chalion fic! It makes me deeply happy, because it has lots of awesome bits, and Iselle and Bergon after their marriage, and small mysteries solved improving the world. You can see it at http://archiveofourown.org/works/300197

Various recs and other notes within: recs for 15th Century CE RPF (namely Lucrezia Borgia), A Song for Arbonne, A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, A Knight's Tale, Anne of Green Gables, the Chalionverse, Center Stage, Circle of Magic, a Dr. Who/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover, Yuletide Meta, The Mummy movies, Newsflesh, Octopus Steals Camera, Shadow Unit, Tam Lin, Tower Prep, and Valdemar.

15th Century CE RPF
Ok, the only variant of RPF I can get my head around comfortably is historical. The Very Secret Diary of Lucrezia Borgia is lovely fun, in that vein.

(For those not familiar: RPF = real person fic. It squicks me a bit when it’s about people currently alive, or known to people currently alive, but historical is fascinating when it’s well done.)

A Song for Arbonne:
A Chord of Roses a lovely story about Blaise, Lisseut, and Ariane, as the summary says, “A night of mourning and desire in Carenzu, some years after the events of A Song for Arbonne.” I love the musical infrastructure, as I’m sure fails to surprise no one.

A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
A Divine Taste for Travel and Witticisims: Eleanor of Aquitaine takes a Grand Tour of Heaven.

A Knight’s Tale:
If Only You Knew: Geoff’s love for Will. (This is one of my favorite movies, because it has such lovely embedded medievalist geekery, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.)

Anne of Green Gables
Rilla of Toronto : a modern AU version, but oh so sweet, and the IMs are totally awesome.

A very sweet Iselle and Caz discussion, in Housekeeping

Center Stage
(Look, I have a thing for dance movies. Okay?) Convocation and Commencement is a lovely reunion piece.

Circle of Magic
A complex look at Trisana’s childhood in how a storm is formed.

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Chime is a really interesting slice-of-life for the four of them, with a bonus complication. The voice is very good on this one.

Doctor Who/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover
Don’t look at me like that, it really does work. And of course, with a title from my favorite Donne poem, how could I not like it? Go and catch a falling star.

There are, in fact, several excellent Lord Peter stories. So here, have the category.

There’s a gorgeous piece of Yuletide meta based on the Tough Guide to Fantasyland, called The Tough Guide to Yuletide that’s quite funny.

The Mummy
Take that, Bembridge Scholars! almost fulfills one of my own prompts, and is awesome-academic-of-awesome.

OMG, there is a story that both gets the voice *and* the horses so dead right. (Also, I am totally giggling over one of the colleges she applies to.) Jumping and Dressage: the blog of Rebecca Ryman

Carrying the Banner is awesome, too, and holds a lot of what I love about the series so far.

The rest of the category’s good, too.

Octopus steals camera
Brought to my attention by [personal profile] elf. Seriously, fic based on a 3.5 minute video involving an octopus. Totally giggle making. Texts from Cephalopods There’s two more based on the video, too.

Rapunzel (fairy tale)
A ‘what comes after’ involving Red Riding Hood’s wolf, in Bellflower and Hellebore

Shadow Unit
There’s several intriguing stories, but I particularly like Under the Radar.

Half-sick of Shadows is heartbreaking in all the right ways, too.

Tam Lin (the novel)
A really lovely ‘few years after’ story. With bonus Keats. O Solitude!

Tower Prep
(Which remains a really awesome show, even if it should have had more years): Any Given Tuesday is a lovely look at character interactions and puzzling out the world. (And it’s got “How the heck does this school work” stuff that I adore.)

Crossing Swords is a gorgeous bit of Kero and Alberich.
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