Friday, December 28th, 2018

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First, a (rather literal) housekeeping note: there will not be a salon post next Friday (January 4th), because I am moving apartments, and I will be doing all the things that need to happen last minute before the movers arrive in the morning. (And may in fact move my computer the night before...)

If all goes well on the moving front, I will try and get one up Friday evening or Saturday morning, but I may just skip a week.

Topic of the week
What's your preferred approach to a big project like moving. Lists? Categories of things you do? Breaking it down into small pieces? Running around with chaos?

What I've been up to
Packing things! I've also been in at work for three days (well, it'll be three days by the end of the day) this week, when basically no one else is, and I love this week because it's quiet, I get a lot done, and I get to go into the new calendar year feeling fairly caught up.

(I was out on vacation last week, and I cleaned my desk off before I left, so things even look organised. I am usually a 'organise by pile' person who tries to keep things looking neat with varying degrees of success.)

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