Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

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This is a first pass - I haven’t even looked at the Fairy Tale or Mythology fandom tags, f’ex, because they are both huge. (And besides, one needs to leave some things for later.)

[12th century RPF, 15th century RPF/Hunger Games, Twelve Dancing Princesses, A Knight's Tale, Secret Garden/Little Princess, Chalion, Olympic Opening Ceremonies (AU), Disney Princesses/Hogwarts AU, Ghost Soup Infidel, Master Li and Number Ten Ox, Newsflesh, InCryptid, and Newsflesh/InCryptid crossover, Skullcrusher Mountain (with a side of Derkholm), XKCD, Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones crossover, War for the Oaks (Jazz Age Prequel version), and anthropomorphic Knitting and Solar System entries. And a T-Rex in a Creation Museum.]

Also, since I am making this post public, and my previous one going "EEEEEEE" at my gift fic wasn't, I am going EEEEE. One of my prompts was basically "How did Julian Morrow get to be who he is?" (from Donna Tartt's A Secret History, a book in which I do not actually like any of the characters all that much, but I am fascinated by the ensemble and the situation, and the "Hey, wait, this is *real*" bits.)

Anyway, the gift fic is awesome, and sketches out Julian's life, and has comparisons of the aorist to the imperfect tense, and quotes Euripides, and it gets it all very right. So if you haven't read a mother of beauty yet, I also recommend it.

(also, yay, people liking the fic I wrote, and I think I have to work up the commentary track, because yeah.)

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And in a brief comment on my other fannish habit, icon created due to the last several days of Alternity, but also entirely applicable here. Can't sleep, too much awesome. Except, y'know, the part where I have to work tomorrow.
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