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So. I am in the midst of an epic blanket project. This post has links to specific bits of it, and also links to the two different posts of explanatory commentary (one about double knitting in general, and one about the blanket design process)

Updated Oct 31, 2014 with the squares to date.

The basic explanation
Because one epic project is not enough in my life, I am making a blanket to go along with Alternity. It has 7 squares (well, rectangles) per year, with 7 years, plus a border a square wide around it. (So a 9x9 blanket.)

I am doing it in double knitting so the squares are reversible (except where they aren't, as explained!) with a little additional embroidery/etc. in places.

I do plan to release the patterns for the things I've charted myself, but they'll take a bit of additional work. If there's one you're really interested in, let me know and I can send you the chart.

What is double knitting?
It is a method of knitting two sided fabric, which is generally reversable. Beyond that, it gets a bit more complicated.

I like double knitting because:
- You get a double weight fabric.
- It is in stockinette, but does not roll.
- You can do really nifty reversable designs.
- I actually find it easier to deal with than knitting purl and knit patterns?

My post about double knitting for them as wants geekery about that.

So what are the squares?
You can find the complete list on my Ravelry account (which is [ profile] jenett), but they are also linked below so you can see them in order.

(I have set up the individual projects so you can view them without being a Ravelry member, but I think to see the larger project tag, you need to have an account. If you knit, crochet, or do other fiber arts, I recommend it.)

My post about designing it for people who want that.

I note that the links and squares currently do include spoilers up through Year 3 of Alternity (in the sense of the squares indicating major plot events.) If you think you might want to read and want to avoid spoilers, you probably want to come back to this post after you've caught up at least that far.

The overall blanket
You can see the overall layout over here. The 'front' side of the blanket is the one with the Hufflepuff square (black with gold) in the top left, and the Gryffindor square (gold with red) in the top right.

(You can see that I have tentative plans for the first couple of blocks of Year 6. Also that I'm using the hearts so I can see what the two colors for the square are easily on both sides.)

The border squares project just has the border squares. It's very boring since they're just two shades of gray. I knit these when I'm in settings where having a chart up would be not useful - in the car (with someone else driving), while talking to people, etc.

Year 1
1: Ouroboros (the symbol of the Protectorate)
2: Journals (for the journals in which Alternity exists.)
3: The Sorting Hat
4: A snitch (done in duplicate stitch to make the colours work right.)
5: Unicorn
6: Chess piece for the canonical game.
7: A tent for the YPL camping trip.

Year 2
1: Healer's symbol
2: Regulus's hook (my design)
3: Padfoot's paw
4: Azkaban (for the breakout)
5: A rat (for the Transfiguration experiments)
6: Basilisk
7: I Solemnly Swear (my design)

Row 3
1: Private Messages (note that this has letters on one side only: my design)
2: Time Turner
3: Dementors at Hogwarts. (My own design)
4: For the children at Moddey Dhoo (Also my own design)
5: The memorial garden at Moddey Dhoo.
6: For a particular death
7: 'We went for an exhausting walk' (aka Hippogriff night)

Year 4
1: The Quidditch World Cup
2: The Tri-Wizard Cup
3: First task: dragon
4: Second task: lake (In this case, the squid. Per a potion-driven vision, the Alternity squid in the lake was sorted Hufflepuff.
5: Frost Faire Games (note the 10 leaves for the 10 deaths: my own design.)
6: Third task: Maze Also my own design, though inspired by some others. It is actually a working maze, also of the format where if sections moved, it would still work.
7: Lincoln Castle Note the dead figure at the base of the castle on one side. Also my own design, and based on the architecture of a gate at the real Lincoln Castle.

Year 5
1: Ankh for Antonin Dolohov.
2: Blood quill. Mostly my own design for the feather, after looking at a lot of others.

House animals
All here based on a commonly used set of charts for them. (Yes, the eagle looks like it has three wings, but I sort of like it. I didn't modify them other than doubling the size and smoothing out some curves.)
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