Yuletide 2013 recs

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 01:05 pm
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Recs for Foyle's War, The Middleman, American Gods, Seanan McGuire's song "Follow Me Down", the blog post “Ten Stupidest Things I’ve Heard Since Richard III’s Remains Were Identified”, The Addams Family, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes, Anthropomorfic library catalogs, GalaxyQuest (and fannish tendencies in general), Cold Comfort Farm, Little Brother, Tam Lin (the song), Disney Princesses at college, Young Wizards, No Reservations (taking on Narnian food), and the Newsflesh trilogy.

(For those who haven’t seen it, Yuletide also ended up at noted on Metafilter, where there’s some lovely comments and highlights pointed out.)

First, I got a deeply awesome series of vignettes from Foyle’s War for my Yuletide story. You can read it over here and it manages to hit a whole bunch of my narrative tropes that I didn’t even mention! There is discussion of ethics and choices! Food geekery! Sam being awesome! (Well, Sam is generally always awesome.) I entirely recommend it to anyone who is familiar with the series, though it might be more than a little opaque if you don't know the canon.

(Foyle’s War is, for those not familiar, a BBC mystery series set in the south of England during WWII. The historical detail is very well done, the mysteries are compelling, and it’s just pretty much all round awesome for what it is.)

I seem to be saying awesome a lot. It’s that kind of response.

Gifts that friends got and squeed about where I also know the canon (which meant I read them early! But they are both exceedingly good.)

* The Dual Proficiency Protocol: a Middleman fic that involves Noser. It is stunningly awesomely like the show.

* … And substitute my own is a stunningly thoughtful seasonal fic drawn from the American Gods mythos.

Other fandoms I requested that had amazing stories:

* Seanan McGuire’s song “Follow me down” produced Burn Like Stars in the Fires of Fall of f/f seasonal monarchs that’s really lovely, evocative of the song, but goes to places I’d not contemplated directly.

* From the blog post “Ten Stupidest Things I’ve Heard Since Richard III’s Remains Were Identified” (found over here), several fics: R is for Richard which is about the Great Reinternment debate of 2013-2485. (Only a nodding knowledge of Ricardian history is needed.) I also really loved Tudor Spies and Perfidy and the others in the fandom set are also all intriguring.

Other fic:
* College First, about Wednesday Addams and her return from college. (10,000 words, and lovely in that Addams Family sort of way.)

* A really stunning Walter (from Anne of Green Gables) wishing he could write of the war. (Canonical character death) The Moving Finger Writes, and Having Writ Moves On

* A Name in the History Books - Petrova Fossil makes history.

* The Secret Life of Catalogs about, well, library catalogs. (Short, sweet, and with amusing jokes for people what get library catalogs.)

* SMOF is a meta-fandom look at GalaxyQuest fandom.

* The Untidy Lot which is post-Cold Comfort Farm, in Hollywood, with robots. And gloriously awesome.

* Light Flashing Forth When A Fire Is Kindled is a Little Brother fic, that gives you a bit inside Ange’s head.

* Heart of Stone : Tam Lin is a story near and dear my heart, and this is a lovely and thought-provoking look at the aftermath.

* Four Things That Weren’t Covered in Mulan’s R.A. Training is one of those AU Disney princesses thing, in this case, at a women’s college. It’s deeply amusing.

* A Sturdy Foundation There is very little chance I’m *not* going to like a combo of the Young Wizards and an anthropomorfic library, really. Nita returns to the library where everything started for her.

* The Newsflesh trilogy consistently produces really awesome Yuletide fic, and this year is no exception: I particularly liked the one about Becks, and the one about Buffy is heartbreaking, but they’re all fascinating bits of that world.

and, from 2010, which I apparently managed to miss and then not notice when I did my recs this year: No Reservations: Narnia in which Anthony Bourdain goes to Narnia, and there is food geekery.

ETA: Late additions
* No Unworthy Aim in which James Hook meets Wendy Darling again, in the midst of the Great War.
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