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If you're curious about my journal...

[updated May 31, 2015]

My profile has the general background, but herein is a list of links to things I've written that might give you a sense of me. Tagging is extremely irregular on my journal, and likely to continue to be.

What you'll see here is:
Mostly locked posts, for a variety of reasons. I'm generally happy to add most people to my locks these days. (I keep a very small number of more tightly focused filters for trusted-in-person friend type conversations.)

Various posts from me about daily life:
I'm a librarian. I geek stuff by nature. Most of what I write is various bits about daily life, books, music, thinking, doing stuff, chronic illness coping, and miscellaneous other topics. I tend not to write about politics and current events.

Lots of people who keep reading me say they really like my long thinky posts, even if they're otherwise not particularly interested in the subject matter: I am most likely to do them about
- sorting out the inside of my head.
- religious stuff (not basics, but how to learn, teach, share, and explore it better)
- music (with which I have a complex relationship)
- things that bug my librarian brain. Bad history and research. Online interactions, especially around privacy and communication.

Samples of public long-and-thinky that also give a good clue as to how I work include:
- An exposition on a mix CD I made for a particular trip which is really about bits of my musical history.
- General info about how I handle access and subscription on this journal.
- A post about the movie Agora, about Hypatia of Alexandria
- A deconstruction of the history in a Bones episode that involved a purported victim of the Salem Witch Trials.
- My somewhat dated advice to people considering library school

And as an example of a non-public one, this one, about my father and the power of theatre and memory and the living power of words made real is one I'm still very proud of.

Also, people like when I go librarian smash at bad research. Tagged for your convenience, but I think they're all locked posts.

Crossposts from two blogs:
- My public religious blog (
- My public professional blog (which I do not link to this username in public spaces)
Both crossposts automatically access-lock, and both have a little header telling you where it came from. The first auto-locks so people can make comments in a non-public space (and sometimes there get to be great points made.)

The second is because I don't make the link between this username and my legal name obvious (because lo, I work in a field where casual Googling of job applicants is pretty common: I'm inclined to be quietly open about my religion, but it's also not a thing I want people to randomly stumble across.)

The current and continuing obsession
I'm one of the players in a long-running (7 years planned!) alternate universe Harry Potter journal-based game/group narrative/whatever you want to call it called Alternity. It scratches all sorts of complicated thinky itches in my brain in ways I adore.

I am immensely proud of the writing and creation we've done there and are continuing to do, am continually amazed by the work of the other players, and I periodically geek about it. I am especially geeky about managing the backend data for it.

(For various reasons, the following posts are access-locked, but if you're new to my reading list, they can get you up to speed. I also adore answering questions about "Hey, wait, explain that plot from two years ago?" to new readers.)

- First, a post that's not mine, but from one of our other players, explaining the basics of what's going on. The game website which includes links to summary posts to help you catch up. The easy way to read is the alternity journal's reading page. And our fen community, which also has game summaries (weekly and by term). I warn you that the game is addictive.

- Me on the awesomeness of collaborative play.

- A post inspired by a series of game events in February of Y4, in which I explain the game a bit and why I think collaborative creation is awesome. There's more in the comments.

- And a post about the concept of the Tutor and the power and risk of teaching, also inspired by some game events around that time.

I am also writing a set of very locked posts (the alternity.commentary.track tag) which do reveal who I'm playing, or are a place for me to talk about bits I can't share without revealing who I play. I plan to release them when the game's over.

Other places I am online
Generally, if it's me doing personal stuff, I'm Jenett. Or JenettSilver, if Jenett was taken. I also write under that name for Pagan stuff.

I am on Facebook under my legal name, but avoid all directly Pagan (or otherwise personal stuff, like specific health details) stuff in public there (which also means I avoid stuff that adds Pagan fan pages or events to my profile.)

Commenting guidelines: Mostly common sense.
Please treat this space something like an open house: you are in my online living room, and if you want to have a conversation with me, in my space, there's stuff that makes that better for both of us.

- Please share a name or online handle I can call you (I rarely post public posts, but when I do, anon comments are usually turned on.)
- I love knowing how people found me (what got you interested?)
- Understand that I probably have reasons for what I say even if I haven't spelled all of them out. Like most people, what I write about online is the tip of the iceberg of my experience, knowledge, or understanding, and of course, online, it's often easy for a mischosen word to cause confusion.
- Asking questions rather than assuming you know all the background is a great way to start.

In other words: I'm open for conversation, but attacks, trolling, and other rude behavior may be deleted or ignored, depending on the details.

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That's very cool.

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Sun, Feb. 15th, 2015 05:07 pm

Jenett of the future! Tell us of February 15th, 2015!

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I am friending you because I would like to see your unfriendslocked posts on libraries, when you put them up.

[[waves hi from making light]]

[identity profile] 2008-09-22 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I collect cobalt glass, have worked as a high school librarian, am a witch who just added Magpie to her "need to explore this totem animal" list, play the Celtic harp and have a severe case of Icon Envy right now (that's my Trouby 3 in your icon, innit?), am a B5 fanatic who also writes urban fantasy, am just being introduced to Sherri Tepper, and have known estaratshirai for years and just read on her LJ that today is your birthday. So, happy birthday, you're my hidden twin, and can we be friends please?

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Hi it's Doc! Put me on your friends list if you so desire. FYI I have druids this Sunday morning so i won't be able to make a meeting.

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Hi, I'm friending you because [ profile] selkie_b says you're cool. Hope that's okay. :)

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Hi Jenett. I'm Rin from The Cauldron and I actually found your journal through Darkhawk's.

If you don't mind I'd like to add you! :)

Thanks for your time!

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Hello, I found you through Dakotawitch and I'm also a twin cities librarian...

[identity profile] 2009-01-10 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I've added you from full moon swaps - I hope you don't mind and I will reading your blog as well. It looks like a place I will enjoy.

[identity profile] 2009-02-17 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Hi Jenett! It's Morag from The Cauldron.

I found you through Sunflower's LJ. I love reading your posts on TC so I added you as a friend. Hope that's alright! :)

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Hi Jenett! I don't know if we met at 4th street 2008 - maybe? Anyway I'm a friend of Elise and found your LJ through her. Also I've seen you around LJ here and there; we have several friends in common. *wave*

ETA: a little flickr searching tells me we did indeed meet in 2008
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Hi Jenett. This is Lecia the Bedazzler from PW. I followed a link here from the LOL Cat Wiccan Rede on elisem's journal. I would appreciate it very much if you would add me, although I don't spend much time on LJ. I always enjoy reading what you write on just about anything. Thank you. :)
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I wandered here semi-randomly via [ profile] lilairen's journal, I'm somewhat pagan, though not currently a member of anything, love Sheri Tepper and urban fantasy, teach in private school, and am trying to send my little sister to library school. Would it be okay if I friended you? I'd love to read what you've written!

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ce_jour_la: (Landscape || Clouds)

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Stumbled across you via [personal profile] lilalanor's intro in the non-fandom friending meme (hello, convoluted pathways, how are you?), poked my head into your profile, was generally impressed. You seem quite awesome (music! books! medievalist! you know Tam Lin!), and though I'm a bit quiet at the moment (uni is eating my life), if that doesn't bother you, you open to giving this access/subscribe thing a go?

ETA--I don't usually use so many parentheticals. ::facepalm::
Edited 2010-04-05 07:08 (UTC)

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Add me again, please? I switched to this journal from [personal profile] bohemianeditor, probably around the time your Creeping Brain-Stealing Ick was at its brain-stealing-est.

your coments on geekfeminism about the lack of a network among techie librarians

[identity profile] 2010-04-25 09:10 am (UTC)(link)
Hi Jenett!
I just read two comments on about how you were lacking a network of techie librarians. I assume, you live and work in the US? There is code4lib, who have both a community website, a journal and an annual conference. There are also some companies being vendors of FOSS software for librarians. Like Koha, Evergreen, Drupal, Wordpress, Plone - and thats just what I heard of. I live in Norway right now, and have worked for libraries about 18 months.

In that time, I could also organize a conference about the usefulness of FOSS software in libraries in Norway together with a geeky librarian from a library nearby. You probably have. But, if not, you should go explore what there is of geeky, nerdy, techie librarian websites, blogs, twitter accounts and such. You could organize a "23things about web 2.0" class for your co-workers, and enable them to talk to you about at least certain aspects of the web and computing.

I wish you the best of luck finding colleagues that you share a lot of common grounds with!
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Hey Jenett, it's HerbGurl from LJ. I'd love to read you on DW as well.
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[personal profile] syntaxofthings 2011-07-13 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi Jenett, I'm Stephanie and I can't remember when I first encountered your journal. I've been curious about it for a while now, but too shy to introduce myself and subscribe to your journal. I came to Minnesota for college and also fell in love with it, so that now that I've graduated I'm still here and trying to figure out what to do here. I'm also curious about librarians and their jobs, and have been interested in paganism for a while, though not enough to commit to anything, which are the reasons why I've been intrigued by your journal. I read a lot, and ramble a bit, and I love flowers and green things, which is why I'm happier in Minnesota than in my native California. ;)

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[personal profile] lifesnotasong 2013-06-10 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I link-hopped over here from [community profile] boilingwater, and found myself sucked in when I started skimming your posts. I'd love to add you and keep reading, if you're okay with that.

About me: I'm about to start working on my Masters in Psychology, with a goal to become an autism researcher. I play the celtic harp (not well, but happily) and spend much of my time working on creative writing, either for my own projects or as a part of a text-based RPG I play. I come from a family of librarians, and live on books like air. Thinky posts are my favorite kind, which is what intrigued me as I read what you had posted.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and to tell me if you'd rather I not read here. Be well :)

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[personal profile] barrelofrain 2013-08-28 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, [personal profile] kaberett suggested we might get along. I'm 29, queer/genderqueer, disabled, and live just outside NYC. I'm a writer and maintainer of [community profile] vaginapagina. I'm trying to use DW more regularly, so I'm looking for some friends over here. :)

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[personal profile] kyrielle 2013-11-27 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm curious: are there likely to be more salons at some point? :)
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Hi! I wandered over from [community profile] smellsgood and since your journal is interesting and you seem open to being spontaneously added, I've done so. ^_^

I'm an introverted professional geek (half of my work is in the manga industry ^^) with an eternally out-of-control list of things to read and watch and post about...and I'm never sure what else to say when introducing myself to people, so I'll leave it at that. *g*